Monthly Archives: March 2012

I’ve never really experimented with dry ice before. This sequence of images were shot using small pieces of the stuff dropped into warm water.┬áThe results can be quite interesting.

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I managed to gain access to some abandoned offices in Newcastle city centre some time ago. The floors I had a chance to explore were still under construction but presented some quality photographic opportunities. The offices in the lower floor were untouched since the mid 1960’s however I never did get the chance to go back.


Welcome to weedonder; an online record of photographic exploits from my good self Mr Paul Hollingworth. Over the coming months and years my intention is to populate these pages with any random imagery, stories or inspirational material that I happen to stumble upon whilst dondering around. Oh, and a huge thanks to my good friend Brendan who inspired me to create this blog and also a certain Mr C Hutton for it’s fine title.

Wish me luck!

A damn fine camera