Monthly Archives: February 2013

Another one a many typewriters I’ve been collecting as part of an ongoing project to document the weird and wonderful world of these antique typographic machines. This particularly odd looking model is an antique Oliver typewriter from Chicago dating from around 1914. Aside from looking the part, this thing weighs an absolute ton. Hard work to photograph… but well worth it.


These are just a few of the images I was able to capture during a shoot with Sunderland football club for their 2013 season ticket campaign.  True fans of Sunderland are incredibly passionate about every aspect of the team and their club. To echo this passion we used various images of the cheering fans to project onto the player’s face and body, thus immersing them in the love for the club. The resulting images really did evoke passion and drive for SAFC. The way some of the colours interact with the players is often reminiscent of a mural or even war paint. A labour intensive but successful shoot!


A recent trip to Cork in southern Ireland presented me with the opportunity to photograph the old Irish  distillery in Midleton. The town plays host to both the old and modern distillery responsible for producing whiskeys such as Jameson, Paddys, Midleton and Red Breast. The old distillery grounds offer a treasure trove of photographic opportunities.

DistilleryDSC_5311DSC_5316DSC_5310DSC_5307DSC_5301DSC_5051DSC_5092DSC_5083 DSC_5104DSC_5126

DSC_5344 DSC_5329 DSC_5349