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The intricacies and structural details found within any animal skull offer an amazing wealth of tone and texture for a photographer to capture. These photographs were taken of a Ram skull acquired from a friend of mine. When shot under controlled studio lighting, the surface texture and shape of the skull really come to life… so to speak. The skull offers something entirely different when shot from each angle. Things also start to get interesting when I begin fusing the images together in post.

Ram_1 Ram_5 Ram_3 Ram_2  Ram_8Ram_7 Ram_6 Ram_9 Ram_4 Ram_10 Ram_11 Ram_13 Ram_12 Ram_14 Ram_15 Ram_16

Whilst shooting up in the highlands of Scotland we stumbled upon a frozen loch. Aside from it’s amazing photographic qualities, the sounds that came from the large sheet of ice as the sun slowly melted it were quite surreal and pretty unnerving.


DSC_6106 DSC_6103
DSC_6088DSC_6082-2-2 DSC_6082-2 DSC_6081 DSC_6109-2

DSC_6109 DSC_6125 DSC_6123DSC_6171DSC_6155DSC_6159DSC_6218DSC_6210

During a recent trip up to the Cairngorms and the Isle of Skye I was able to photograph some truly majestic landscapes. By stripping the colour from the images it forces you to focus more on the form of the land and it’s interaction with the wind, rain and cloud… something Scotland does really well.

DSC_7223_2DSC_7453DSC_7519DSC_7223DSC_7240DSC_7302DSC_7307DSC_7420DSC_7418-EditDSC_7493DSC_7500_bDSC_7500 DSC_7333DSC_7454DSC_7504