Monthly Archives: November 2013

Having recently acquired some amazing vintage starwars toys fresh from the eighties I couldn’t resist capturing a few shots with the aid of several speedlights and some very shallow rim lighting. The resulting images could easily be mistaken for schematics or technical vector graphics.

Revealing the bright side of the dark side. BS_3BS_13  BS_14BS_15 BS_16BS_6  BS_8BS_7BS_9x

The Fireside collective is an Edinburgh based events company dedicated to generating interesting, engaging and playful events for small and large gatherings. To mark their launch The Fireside Collective held a pop-up super club at the Freemans Coffee shop in Edinburgh. These are just a few of the shots taken on the night. The very best of luck to them 😉

_DSC4456_DSC4472-2 _DSC4501 _DSC4583 _DSC4951 _DSC4578 _DSC4734 _DSC4724 _DSC4764-2_DSC4841-2_DSC4928 _DSC4899  _DSC4582_DSC4974-2_DSC4448