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These are just a few of the images captured whilst travelling across the southern coastline of Iceland last year. Although brief, the trip from Reykjavik, through Vik and on to Hof served as an ideal opportunity to experience some of the dramatic and varied landscapes that Iceland has to offer. An amazing and inspiring place. More images can be found on my website




These are a selection of images captured whilst making numerous trips to film 360 footage for Martell Cognac in France. As well as gaining detailed insights into the various processes involved in making Cognac the trip also offered the chance to explore the city of Cognac and surrounding countryside.

_dsc2443 _dsc2451_dsc2462_dsc2465_dsc2822 _dsc2782 _dsc2894 _dsc2895_dsc2968 _dsc2976 _dsc2775 _dsc2819

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En route to take some shots for a friend we took an unscheduled detour in order to check out a small abandoned cottage just off the main road. What we found was the kind of place a photographer could literally spend hours taking shots. Rotten floorboards, mouldy walls, retro wallpaper and general decaying interiors… amazing stuff.



Daffodils growing during the months of spring are a refreshing sight after a harsh winter. These were a few I had in a vase on my table. When they did eventually expire I decided to capture some shots of them against a matte black background with the aid of two remote speedlights… some interesting and rather abstract results. 

_DSC1536_DSC1591_DSC1568_DSC1558 _DSC1553_DSC1535_DSC1610_DSC1603_DSC1619 _DSC1608_DSC1597_DSC1589 

A test shot taken for a personal project I’m currently working on involving several animal skulls, liquid latex, a lot of paint and a messy floor. The underlying concept is to define the shape and contours of each skull with liquid… in this case paint. The next stage will be to attempt to feature several colours in the same image.

Test 1Test 11 Test 12Test 4Test 3

During a recent wedding shoot in Italy I was lucky enough to check out the sights around lake Garda. It is a stunning place with some fantastic photographic opportunities. The view of the alps from certain parts around the lake was absolutely stunning. Obviously I couldn’t resist taking one or two snaps for the album!

Alpine Retreatphoto 5DSC_5874DSC_5844  DSC_5871DSC_5825 DSC_5783 DSC_5783-2 DSC_5201 DSC_5199 DSC_5201-2DSC_5842

A firework display takes on a whole new appearance when photographed using a slow shutter speed. Explosions etch long and intricate light trails against the night sky. Things get even more abstract when the colours are removed. What remains are a series of images depicting chaotic light forms that can often look more like macro photographs of organic material than fireworks. Painting with light.

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