Monthly Archives: July 2012

Having acquired some very interesting pheasant feathers some time ago I recently had the opportunity to spend some time shooting them. Things really get interesting once you begin looking closer at the details. I used reverse adapted prime lenses (50mm & 35mm) together with a two strobe studio setup to really capture the feathers up close and personal. Interesting results!

Both myself and a friend headed down to Bamburgh castle via North Berwick to check out a venue for a wedding that’s due in August. The castle and surrounding area are quite stunning; a real rich backdrop to any wedding… should be a good day’s shooting.

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A few snaps taken whilst breaking into a felling area in the Scottish highlands. The mist interacting with the trees can result in some interesting yet often eerie effects.

Whilst out and about in the highlands I often like to try out a little long exposure photography. These images were captured in a various spots from highland waterfalls, to lowland marshlands. Exposure times vary from 5 through to 20 seconds with the aid of two neutral density filters and a sturdy tripod.

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A few shots captured whilst exploring the west highlands of Scotland. As ever, some truly stunning scenery which makes for some dramatic photographs.