Monthly Archives: June 2013

Whilst I have absolutely no clue as to what these colours or markings mean, they certainly did offer up some very interesting abstract compositions of vivid colours, contrasting shade and intersecting paths. If anything it did kill an hour or so whilst waiting on a delayed flight out of Schiphol airport.

DSC_2037 bDSC_2031-2DSC_2012DSC_2012-2DSC_2025DSC_2046cDSC_2046bDSC_2046DSC_2039 copy 2bDSC_2039Truck alteredDSC_2041DSC_2041 bDSC_2039-2bDSC_2051 DSC_2053DSC_2042 DSC_2044  DSC_2036


During a recent wedding shoot in Italy I was lucky enough to check out the sights around lake Garda. It is a stunning place with some fantastic photographic opportunities. The view of the alps from certain parts around the lake was absolutely stunning. Obviously I couldn’t resist taking one or two snaps for the album!

Alpine Retreatphoto 5DSC_5874DSC_5844  DSC_5871DSC_5825 DSC_5783 DSC_5783-2 DSC_5201 DSC_5199 DSC_5201-2DSC_5842