Monthly Archives: March 2014

Daffodils growing during the months of spring are a refreshing sight after a harsh winter. These were a few I had in a vase on my table. When they did eventually expire I decided to capture some shots of them against a matte black background with the aid of two remote speedlights… some interesting and rather abstract results. 

_DSC1536_DSC1591_DSC1568_DSC1558 _DSC1553_DSC1535_DSC1610_DSC1603_DSC1619 _DSC1608_DSC1597_DSC1589 

Whilst staying in a small remote cottage on the isle of Skye in early march we were greeted with a rare glimpse of a clear night full of stars. Apparently the illusive northern lights were visible the night before we arrived. Although they refused to make an appearance whilst we were staying on the Island this rare view of the night sky was still as impressive as ever. I was even able to capture trails of passing satellites in some of the long exposures.

_DSC8489 2_DSC8514 2_DSC8511 2_DSC8509 2  _DSC8497 2 _DSC8477 2_DSC8491 2


Whilst waiting for the ferry back from Askaig on Islay I had a brief walk around the fishing port. There’s something I really love about the colours and textures you can find whilst walking amongst the old boats, ropes and fishing nets. Islay is really an amazing place. I’ll certainly be heading back there soon.

_DSC1445_DSC1411_DSC1501_DSC1422_DSC1496_DSC1467_DSC1472_DSC1470_DSC1468_DSC1465_DSC1439_DSC1450_DSC1448_DSC1493_DSC1507_DSC1428_DSC1460 _DSC1443 _DSC1382_DSC1456_DSC1413_DSC1409_DSC1391_DSC1516_DSC1420_DSC1410_DSC1403